Storytime: I said I was born in 1900.

So i've been studying French for many many years but it has to be said.. as someone that hates maths, I still have a unique dislike for the way numbers are formed in French. I saw the picture below and had to share it because the struggle is so real. 😓        … Continue reading Storytime: I said I was born in 1900.

Language & Identity Conference

Hello One & All ! Yesterday I went to a conference in London. It was my first time attending a conference  and so I thought I would share some thoughts on it. Why did I go? My reasons for going were as follows: It posed as the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about… Continue reading Language & Identity Conference

Chinese Fondue + Impromptu Meet-Up.

Thursday 9th November-  At the beginning of this week, I was invited for lunch, I made sure it was on a day that I didn't have to rush back to the school for more classes but I expected the three others around me to rush back to work because isn't that just how things work?… Continue reading Chinese Fondue + Impromptu Meet-Up.

Qué-back again !

QuĂ©-back again.. as in QuĂ©bec.. I am back..again.  Alright forget it, moving on.. I found myself back in Quebec City for a training session. This was the first time that the British, Canadian, German and Mexican assistants were all together at once.   Wednesday 1st November -  The journey to QC started with a 4… Continue reading QuĂ©-back again !