Storytime: I said I was born in 1900.

So i’ve been studying French for many many years but it has to be said.. as someone that hates maths, I still have a unique dislike for the way numbers are formed in French. I saw the picture below and had to share it because the struggle is so real. 😓

French numbers



















So I spent 9 months in Quebec and the moment arrived where I had to go to the bank. It was all going soo nicely until I got asked for my date of birth. I proceeded to say the date..then the month and I am sure everyone around me started tuning into the interaction as I started saying the year and trailed off. I got as far as 1900 (which would make me a grand total of 118 – ageing super well apparently) and then my mind went totally blank and I just could not figure out where to go from there. I literally said “1995” in English, thank God the guy understood.

I thought I would share one of those classic language learning experiences.. nothing like a sweaty bank interaction but I survived! I can confirm that I can now reel off my date of birth with complete ease (having rehearsed it to ensure that never ever happens again!).

It’s all part of the fun and games of learning a foreign language. However, life is made easier by patient and understanding people like the bank cashier.


Have you had any awkward language interactions? Leave me a comment if so.


Until next time !

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