How Travel Makes & Breaks You



– You are happier: honestly I am my happiest when I am travelling. It gets me every time and literally turns me into a child. So not only are you happy whilst travelling but you stay on this travel high for a while. I would go as far as saying that you are naturally more happy after the experience because you have learnt and gained so much and it makes you feel content with where you are in life.
– You tend to be more sociable. You know people from different parts of the globe, all of whom play a role in shaping your perspective of things. These links also come in pretty handy when visiting the places where your friends live or places that they have visited.
– You are more optimistic. “Everything will work out in the end !”.

– You gain more confidence, as throughout your travels, you are bound to find yourself having to solve something. With that, you become more confident in your abilities.


– Confidence can turn into cockiness: there is a true balance to find and even the most humble people can find themselves getting a little too carried away after their time abroad. A simple way to avoid this is by simply reminding yourself, everyone has different experiences.. different stories, we all go down different paths so stay humble & be nice !
– Reverse cultural shock : When you return home you can end up viewing your homeland in a different light. I felt like I was trying to find my feet when I came back to London after spending 9 months in Canada.. it was so bizarre to be home but feel almost like an outsider.
– The travel bug takes over. This requires no explanation.. let’s just say my new hobby is looking up flights.
– Reminiscing becomes depressing.
– Money Money Money Money: it can literally sometimes break your account. So once you finish travelling, building up that travel fund starts.. all over again !
Until next time !

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