Learn French – YouTube

Language learning can be quite a tiring, continuous thing and let’s be honest, nobody wants to have to spend hours and hours with their head stuck in a grammar book.

I like to use YouTube as a way to learn French, from watching more academic videos to enjoying a good vlog. For me it’s important to find entertaining ways to be educated.

Here are 4 YouTube channels that I am subscribed to:

Petite Douceur

Petite Douceur aka Laurie posts videos about food, make-up and she also shares recipes with her viewers. From time to time you’ll find a vlog style video on her page also. Definitely worth a watch if you want to become more comfortable with the Quebecois accent.

I contacted Laurie to ask her precisely how she would describe her channel and she said the following: Je décrirais ma chaîne comme une chaîne lifestyle sur le bien être. J’y partage mes coups de coeur du moment et des parcelles de ma vie // In English: I would describe my channel as being a lifestyle channel that focuses on well-being. I share my current favourites and parts of my daily life.

Laurie also has a blog which you can check out here.

Damon and Jo

Damon and Jo speak many languages between them, they travel all around the world and the best part about it is that they make the effort to speak in the language of the country that they are visiting. You will find videos in Italian, Portuguese, French and so on. This is the sort of channel for those of you that enjoy travel videos.  Their motto is to “Shut up and Go”, the idea is to stop making excuses, if you want to travel, learn a language.. get on with it. They are just two young people, living the travel and language dream all without breaking the bank!

For those of you who are wanting to talk/meet with other language lovers, Damon and Jo have set up a Facebook page called: Shut up and Go.

Francais Authentique

I had to include at least one “academic” based channel because although it’s great to find fun ways to learn French, sometimes you need to make sense of some of the terms you hear and this is where Francais Authentique comes in. There are soo many videos on this channel that explain in very brief but comprehensive videos, the terms and expressions that can often cause confusion.

Marie Anne

Marie Anne’s videos are always interesting, I love this channel ! Long story short, she is from France, she spent many years living and studying in Korea and now she currently lives in LA. All of her videos are in French and they vary from discussing the cost of living in LA to testing out different flavoured oreos. There are also many vlogs to choose from.


I hope you enjoy their videos, there are plenty more youtubers out there that can be of use throughout your language learning journey ! I picked the ones that I find the most entertaining and easy on the ear.


What other channels do you watch to help you with your language learning?


Until next time !


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