That time in Banff

Hey All ! Hope you are doing well !

So last month I spent 4 nights in Banff, Alberta. Here are the highlights of my trip !

Day 1 – Lake Tour 

I started my day with a trip to the supermarket. Having arrived at gone midnight I didn’t get to appreciate how scenic Banff was until the next morning and I was not disappointed:


I mean it goes without saying, this is not a shabby view from outside a supermarket!

Lake Louise & Moraine Lake –

Later that day, I went on a Lake tour (with Discover Banff Tours). I was genuinely soo excited to go on this tour as I had been wanting to visit Lake Louise since before I even left London back in August. Before arriving at Lake Louise, we stopped off at Castle Mountain:

Castle mountainCastle mt

Also, here’s a taste of how scenic the drive up to Lake Louise was:


Then we arrived at the beauty that is Lake Louise ..


I’ll give you a moment to just add Banff to your list of places to visit.. go ahead..


Such a beautiful lake and I absolutely love the contrast of colours in the pictures.

After spending some time at Lake Louise, it was time to head to Moraine Lake.

Out of the two lakes, this one for definite stood out to me, there were also significantly less tourists at this lake as I happened to visit on the day that the road to the lake was officially opened for the summer.

Here is what the lake looks like from ground level..


.. I know, you are thinking “How was she more impressed by this than Lake Louise?”. I didn’t understand what the fuss was about either, I was then advised to hike the Rockpile trail to get a better view of the lake. It took about 20-25 minutes but it didn’t feel that long because the views act as the perfect distraction. It’s also not very steep so you don’t end up sounding as though you are about to pass out when you get to the top.


Here is what the lake looks like from the top of the Rockpile Trail:


I think my automatic reaction was “Wow”, I genuinely felt like I was looking at a completely different lake.

There is something about being able to visit and see the sights in a place that you have only seen online. Throughout this trip there were soo many moments where I struggled to genuinely take in how beautiful Banff truly is.

Day 2 – Columbia Icefield

On my 2nd day in Banff, I started my day at 6am as I had an all day tour planned that started at 8:30am.

We made several stops on the way to the ice field (which is in Jasper National Park) to appreciate the lakes,mountains and rivers.

Mount Chepren + Waterfowl Lake:


North Saskatchewan River:


Oh and after 9 months in Canada, I finally saw a bear ! A black bear!

20180523_18451220180523_18461120180523_184441 Fast Forward to the Columbia Icefield, the largest ice field in the Rocky Mountains.

This is the ice field from a distance:


And here you can see the road that led up to the ice field which seems to disappear, that would be because there is a part of the road that is at an 18 degree angle.


Then it was time to head off in the Ice Explorer, which is an all-terrain .. enormous vehicle.


During the journey onto the ice field, the driver kindly told us to make sure we don’t go near the areas that are marked with red flags as those are the areas that you are most likely to fall in.. he also nicely added that if you were to fall in that you would most likely die by the time you made it to the bottom and that it would be near impossible to retrieve you in time. So now.. as you can imagine, I walked around the entire ice field like a baby that was learning to walk for the first time.


Interesting fact for you: This vehicle has 6 wheels and each wheel costs $5,000 CAD/roughly £2,850

After this, I went on the Glacier Skywalk which is a glass-floor observation platform overlooking a 280m drop. Not for the faint-hearted but if you aren’t afraid of heights you would love this !


Then it was time to head back to the central part of Banff but we made a couple of stops along the way.

Bridal Falls:


Bow River:


And.. That’s all folks !

I hope you have enjoyed this post about my time in Banff. I had a great time and I would definitely say it’s worth visiting.

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