What the Puck ! (pun intended)

Rimouski Oceanic VS Moncton Wildcats.


Hello One and All !

Right, so going to a hockey game was kind of half on my list of things to do whilst in Canada.. and it kind of wasn’t. A sort of “It would be nice if it happened but I won’t cry about it if it doesn’t” situation.

So the opportunity presented itself that I could go to a Junior hockey game in a nearby town and I could not decline the invitation.

It was pretty good ! It’s funny how somebody who makes zero effort to watch sports on any other occasion found themselves glued to the game, to the point that my eyes were actually tired by the end of it. Keeping an eye on the puck is a sport in itself.

Before the game started, we all stood for the national anthem. As someone that has never found themselves in a situation where they have had to stand for the British national anthem let alone the Canadian one, I could only stand there staring at the Canadian flag whilst being surrounded by Canadians and become greatly aware of being a Brit which then made me feel like a total fraud haha.

Back to the game, it started off slow and by slow I mean I started to question whether the players on both teams had internally made a collective decision to take it easy. The first period was long and uneventful.

Having said that, something had changed when they resurfaced for the second period. In fact, I would go as far as saying that this is when the game truly started.

Before the crowd had a chance to really get into the game again, both teams scored a goal within about 10 seconds of each other.

Fast forward to overtime.. 

The time between the previous score and the final score was .. long !

I can only imagine how draining it must be for players to keep their focus despite the amount of time and energy spent navigating the space. Time just kept ticking and ticking, tensions were rising among the players which dare I say added to the entertainment factor (just saying..) and just as I was starting to think we were going to be there for the night .. Rimouski Oceanic scored. I cheered a little louder than I had anticipated (truly caught myself off guard) and for some reason.. a fist pump was my automatic reaction (once again.. who have I become?).

All in all it was a good game and I would definitely go to another one in the future!

After that it was time to eat.. we went to a pizza place and naturally everyone got pizza but given that I have a Poutine addiction that I need to tend to from time to time, I got Italian Poutine :



I spent the rest of the evening chitchatting and eating my body weight in Poutine. You just can’t beat good company and good food. Time well spent !


Until next time !




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