Amanda VS The Snow

First of all: Happy New Year all !

So I started writing this blog post back in November when the snow arrived but I never got around to posting it. I am now back in Quebec and on Sunday I was welcomed back by what I shall call “The Real Snow”.

Here are my thoughts on “The First Snow” and “The Real Snow”:

Start of November – So it started snowing on November 5th .. I can’t say I was too excited about seeing the snow falling from the sky. I figured seeing as Quebeckers were saying that the snow was late this winter, that in fact it had been postponed until I was mentally prepared but.. apparently that’s not how it works over here. Who would have known ! This first appearance of snow (which in fact disappeared as quick as ever), led to a frantic online hunt for snow boots.. given I will be walking to work throughout winter, I needed to be prepared!


Fast forward to mid November – This was when I found myself humming the chicken song whilst walking to work .. it seemed to help. If you don’t know what the chicken song is.. here you go. Before you hit play, my excuse is they played it when we had our training sessions in Quebec City.. it’s catchy and .. yeah.

Firstly, if you listened to the whole thing, you are making me look normal. Secondly, if you find yourself humming it involuntarily in the next day or so, you are welcome.

Right.. now that you are clearer on what the song sounds like, we shall continue with this blog post as normal..


End of November – Now I am not really sure what the weather is doing. I woke up one day and walked to work in the snow, left work and the snow was gone..having been replaced with ice . The next day, the snow came back. Now .. urm, consistency doesn’t seem to be a thing. I can’t even stay mad at Matane’s weather when I am packing my stuff to head home and I notice the best view from my classroom window…


Suddenly becoming the human version of Bambi seems worth it after all !

So far I am yet to fall over which gives me some hope but let’s not get carried away because I have heard the snow won’t be disappearing until the end of March/start of April so there’s plenty of time for me and the floor to become well acquainted. In addition to that, since the snow has started falling and the ice spreading.. I am starting to struggle to identify the difference between myself and Bambi on ice.. yes, just let that mental image simmer in your mind.


UPDATE – Fast Forward to January !!

Ha.. So my naive British self thought that I had seen the snow .. I in fact saw a dusting. I returned after Christmas to actual snow. I can tell this stuff is 100% here to stay.

Here’s a comparison:


20171129_074657 (1).jpg

20171129_074819 (1).jpg







Only God knows where the road and pavement have disappeared to.

The weird thing about the weather is that it is warmer than before I left to return home for xmas.. but there is like 10 times more snow !

Tuesday 9th January –

Today I walked to work in this..


I had enough layers on for about 3 people: vest, base layer top, long sleeve top, cardigan. Base layer leggings and winter trousers. Coat, scarf, hat, UK appropriate winter gloves, ski gloves and my snow boots. Like I said.. enough layers for 3 people. I honestly cannot say I felt any cold at all during my 15 min walk to work, in fact.. I got to work feeling like a sweaty mess. It’s safe to say my winter gear does the job !

It was really strange having to navigate my way to work today,  I spent most of it walking in the road as it’s the clearest part. I survived the walk to and from work, almost lost my footing once because some parts of the snow are deeper than they actually seem to the eye, but I managed !

Wednesday 10th January –

Okay today was the ultimate mission. I don’t understand how enough snow can fall over night to make the entire right side of the pavement on the main road inaccessible. I kid you not, my walks to work are turning into gymnastic sessions. I get to the main road and realise there is a great problem, I cannot walk down the right hand side of the road so I need to cross and walk on the other side. This turns into Amanda crossing where there isn’t even a crossing.. then contending with a barrier of snow that had been created along the length of the side of the road (I am almost certain that it was at least hip height and as someone who if 5’3, it may as well have been the same height as me!). I don’t think I have ever had to balance myself to that extent before. The beauty of climbing a barrier of snow..

Stay tuned for Bambi stuck in the snow as it continues to pile up.

Until next time!


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