Home for Christmas



Hello All ! Yes I know.. it’s been a while but before we get to my excuse, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas then, I hope you have been doing well!

So.. my excuse: I went home for xmas and I have been too busy indulging in many mince pies.. more stuffing than you can imagine and a few too many ferrero rochers. To add to that I have been spending quality time with my nearest and dearest but.. I am back !

Tuesday 19th December-

So I arrived back in London on Saturday 16th December. After overcoming some wonderful jetlag, a few days later I ventured out to spend some quality time with my best friend. The day started with food and some chit chatting aka hogging a table in a patisserie for many hours..


After a while, we decided it was time to head to the train station, destination: Winter Wonderland.


So this was the first time I had been to Winter Wonderland, I didn’t really know what to expect but I wasn’t disappointed !

Food vendors to satisfy every food craving you have ever had.. crepes, mac and cheese, hot dogs,candy floss .. the list goes on. Right so, I am not good when it comes to too many food options and it’s safe to say the different amazing smells didn’t help matters. So in a classic indecisive Amanda manner, I chose to make one “food” purchase which meant that I could literally taste diabetes approaching.



…Apparently this is a “normal” size. I don’t even want to imagine what a large one would look like.

Whilst I was at Winter Wonderland I took some pictures and as you’ll see, the lights looked soo much better as the evening went on, Enjoy !





















All in all, I would say that it’s worth taking a trip to check it out. It’s like a cross between a Christmas market and a Fairground.. with a Ferris wheel thrown in for good measure.

Christmas Day –

This year I spent Christmas Day at my Grandma’s and the Christmas Dinner honestly made me do a little shimmy in my seat.

Just in case that is hard to envisage..


..you’re welcome.


Christmas was lovely, lots of laughs and lots of music. It was nice to just chill, talk and eat. Also .. I had no idea that there were reggae versions of Christmas songs, oh the things you learn at Grandma’s at Christmas !


A few days ago I went to my aunties house which then turned into a girls day where my mum, my auntie and I all sat and watched thrillers for the evening and ate chocolate. Now I kid you not, I had the best day. Yes we may have watched parts of the films through our shirts out of fear, yes we may have missed parts because we were too busy discussing what bargains we had found in the boxing day sales but it’s simple evenings like that, that end up meaning a lot.

Also .. can we just take a moment to appreciate Sanchez the cat who from time to time decided to come along and watch the tv with us:



Well, that’s all from me. This Christmas period has been super enjoyable, I have one more week until I head back to Canada but I am feeling recharged and … somewhat.. kinda.. not really .. ready to return to the snow, oh and those wonderful minus numbers. Let me just embrace this last week haha.


Until next time !




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